Markus Fix, studied physics, mathematics and computer science. He dropped out and founded numerous startups. Experiencing civil war in West Africa as a teenager gave him a strong sense of self reliance. He likes to be prepared for the worst. He excels at translating business objectives into reliable software products.

* Profile
– What he loves doing: designing resilient, distributed systems that maximize user happiness
– What he’s really good at: building and leading hyper productive software teams
– What sometimes pays the bills: disaster management of failed software projects

* Experience:
– Global supply chain automation
– Financial product automation
– Payment systems automation
– Communications systems automation
– Fixing projects that were supposed to go live six months ago

* Languages: English, German, French

* Tag Cloud:
Unix, Linux, AWS, Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Lisp, Devops, Docker, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Build Automation, Serverless, AWS Lambda, Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, TLA+, Emacs, LaTeX, Pony, C, Lightning Network, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Compilers, SAP, EDI, ChemXML, Parsers, Deep Learning, Automation.

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