I’m a true programmer at heart, constantly thinking about building reliable software systems that solve real-world problems. I construct the infrastructure that enables new services. Controlling software quality is key. I’ve 35 years of experience in doing this well. My current expertise is designing provably correct distributed messaging systems for big data and lately blockchain infrastructure.

I help creating culturally mature software companies using continuous integration and delivery.
Working with teams that understand the challenges presented by distributed systems is very rewarding.

I’m looking to meet like-minded people who share my desire to build mission-critical systems and connected utilities that are (cryptographically) secure and respect user privacy.

I’ve been a change agent, a technical team lead, a software architect, an agile coach, a writer, a publisher, a software developer, a mathematician, a crypto-anarchist and a software craftsman.

As a creator of software artifacts, I continue to strive for mastery using the tools and opportunities available, building new tools, teaching productive tool usage and process and doing research on esoteric but relevant computer science topics. I love building teams and have a passion for continuous delivery. I also value working on remote and distributed teams, and working with people I can learn from.

I have experience in: managing software development teams, communicating to investors, software development, distributed systems, distributed messaging systems, big data, Scala / Akka, Erlang, Python, Clojure, Common Lisp, C, AI, agile development, DevOps, Docker, AWS infrastructure, release management, software security audits, Internet of Things / IoT, Bitcoin and the blockchain development, fraud detection, security architecture.

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